The project "European literary marathon" will last one year and it started on 20.10.2006 in Verona. A coordinator of the project is "Aida" Foundation /Verona, Italy/, and partners are - "Sava Dobroplodni" Regional Library-Sliven, "Prisma" Foundation /Athens, Greece/, Informational centre /Cartagena, Spain/ and the Romanian National Radio /Bucharest, Romania/.

Associated partners of the project are organizations from the town of Krakow /Poland/, the town of Jarvepaa /Finland/, York /Great Britain/ and Beograd /Serbia/.

The aims of the project are: Making easier the access to culture and widening the cultural participation of European citizens; organizing a unique cultural event, in which several countries will take part in one and the same time; popularizing the active citizens' participation in European cultural events.

The project foresees the organizing of literary marathons with one and the same style and characteristics, which will be a unique and innovative European event and the celebration of the 9th of May 2007 at the same time in all partners' towns.

The marathons will start at one and the same time in all the towns in 11.00 a. m. Roman time and will last 8 or 10 hours. Each partner chooses the author and his work, which will be read as it must be a national masterpiece dated from the 20 century. The reading will take place in theatres, cinemas, squares and other places, suitable to gather together the numerous audiences, which will attend the event. This way hundreds of citizens in different towns and countries will read out loud one after another the literary work, chosen by each country. Readers will be selected preliminary from people, who are interested in literature and theatre, pupils, students, pensioners and volunteers from the project's staff, willing to take part in the event. Each literary marathon will be recorded in audio and video files and will be broadcasted in real time in live on the Internet. A common movie will be made after the event as a final document of the event and it will be recorded on a DVD and disseminated in the countries, partners in the project.


Organizer of the Marathon in Bulgaria:

"Sava Dobroplodni" Regional Library  - Sliven

1, Nikola Karev Str.

Sliven, 8800, Bulgaria

Rositsa Petrova - Vasileva


Phone/Fax: +359 44 62 24 41

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Author:  Rositsa Petrova - Vasileva 2007

Translator: Petya Kaneva
Design - "Sava Dobroplodni" Regional Library - Sliven 2007