objectives and activities




Ø  To facilitate the access to culture and widen the cultural participation of European citizens

Ø To start up a series of events related each other to create a unique and innovative cultural happening that involve several European Countries at the same time;

Ø To promote the active involvement of citizens in European cultural events (both as readers and listeners).



1.     Preparatory stage of the literary marathon

Ø  Defining from each co-organizes and associative partner a national masterpiece from XX century, which will be read during the literary marathon in the relevant country;

Ø  Defining the terms of participation in the marathon and selection of volunteers-readers for the marathon;

Ø  Defining of the most proper place and time for carrying out the marathon.

2.     Promotion of the project

Ø  Designing and updating of a web-page of the project;

Ø  Making a web-pages of the co-organizers and the associative partners;

Ø  Creating and printing of leaflets, posters and other advertising materials;

Ø  Radio advertising;

Ø  Press activities.

3.     Implementation of the European Literary Marathon May 9, 2007

Ø  The Marathon will be implemented by each co-organizer and associative partner at one and the same time and with one and the same duration;

Ø  Hundreds of citizens from different countries and in different languages will read a literary masterpiece, chosen by the relevant co-organizer in public;

Ø  audio and video recordings of each of the Marathons and broadcasting it in the Internet in real time.

4.     Post production of the European Literary Marathon

Ø  Preparation of a DVD as final document of the event to be distribuited in the countries involved in the project.