the marathon in bulgaria



Organizers in Bulgaria:


“Sava Dobroplodni” Regional library - Sliven

Association “National Children’s Book Festival”


With the support of:

Ministry of Culture

Sliven Regional Administration

Sliven Municipality

Rotary Club - Sliven




The town of Sliven, Bulgaria

1, Hadzhi Dimitar Square

Dramatic theatre "Stefan Kirov"




May 9, 2007, 12.00 - 18.00



The readers-participants in the European literary marathon will be selected amongst people, who are interested in literature and theatre, pupils, students, employees, pensioners and volunteers from the project’s team, who would like to take part in the event and who will fill out a declaration for the participation in the marathon.

The selection of readers will be made in advance from the organizers of the marathon in each country. There will be a list of participants made, which will be announced one day before the start of the marathon



Ø Hundreds of citizen from Sliven and guests of the town will read in public the short novel of  Yordan Radichkov “The Bowler-hat"

Ø The Marathon will be broadcasted in real time via Internet. Mass-media, which are partners on the project will broadcast audio an video records of the event.



Ø A concert of Youth symphonic orchestra at the High Music School - Burgas.

Ø Mini marathons in more than 180 libraries, community centers and schools all over the country with average duration 2 hours.



Ø Preparation of a film in a DVD format as a final result of the event and disseminating it the countries, which are partners in the project.


 FOR MORE INFORMATION: phone.044/622441; 044/525397