The European literary marathon is definited for the main event in the town of Sliven, devoted to the celebrating of the 9th of May – A Day of Europe.

Hundreds of citizen from Sliven and guests of the town at this day will read in public the short novel of Yordan Radichkov “The Bowler-hat";

The Regional governor of Sliven region – Mrs Hristina Cholakova, her deputy governors, deputy mayors of the town, Mr Igor Chipev – a director of administration “Books and library sciences” to the Ministy of Culture, Mr Erik Nolo – a translator and publisher of Yordan Radichkov’s works in France, famous Bulgarian writers, publishers, actors and journalists will be involved in the literature readings.

The Marathon will be broadcasted in real time via Internet. Mass-media, which are partners on the project will broadcast audio and video records of the event.

PLACE: The town of Sliven, Bulgaria, 1, „Hadzhi Dimitar” Squar, Dramatic theatre "Stefan Kirov"

TIME: May 9, 2007, 12.00 - 19.00


12:00     A performance of “The Ode to Joy” from the Beethoven’s ninth symphony

12:05     An Opening of the Marathon by Mrs Rositsa Petrova – a co-ordinator of the project for Bulgaria

12:15     An appeal to all participants and guests by Mrs Hristina Cholakova – a regional governor of Sliven region

12:20     Start of the readings

18:00     A theatre “Marieta & Marioneta” performs “Epichni vremena” on Yordan Radichkov’s literary work

18.30     A concert of youth simphony orchestra at a Secondary Music- School “Pancho Vladigerov” – a town of


19.00     Closing of the Marathon